You’ve waited your whole life to build your own home. A home designed by you to meet your wants and needs. You’ve sketched out ideas, talked to loan officers, maybe you’ve even found some land, but how can you make sure all your dreams come together? Call on us – Gardo Design Group. We will work with you to design a home that reflects who you are. Your personality and lifestyle can be realized through our personal approach to home design. Customization can start from various points:

  • Custom Home Design: unique, one of a kind home design created especially for you.
  • Pre-Designed Home Plans Library: we have a large collection of pre-designed home plans that can be customized to suit your needs. Begin by browsing through our online library and if you don't find the right one, call us for an appointment, we have many more available.
  • Revisions to Internet Home Plans: some of our clients find their own home plans online, but need help customizing them or updating them to match local building codes. We can help! Please contact us before you purchase to ensure you select the correct media and format.
  • Remodeling and Addition Design: we'll design a solution that transforms your existing home to meet your expanding needs.

Interested in Green Design? Not only is Green Design enviro-friendly, but in the long run it will save money on utilities. Gardo Design Group will work closely with green-minded clients to make sure their home meets the criteria of Green Design.

I want to build a new home but how do I start? (It’s a question we hear a lot)

The first thing you need to do is establish a budget. It is very important to do this before beginning the design phase. Visit several banks and speak with lending officers, they can be a great help in determining what you can realistically spend or borrow.

Next, you should consider creating a scrapbook to help you communicate your ideas. Collect as many photos, brochures, articles and magazine clippings as you can which help to describe what you’d like your home to look like - inside and out. As your scrapbook takes shape, take a look at your lifestyle and develop a “wish list” of rooms and features you want to incorporate in your new home. You can sometimes use your current home as a model – are the bedrooms too small, the kitchen too dark? Does your grandmother’s antique buffet fit in the dining room? How is the “flow” from one room to another? We know there are many things to think about and it may take time for the vision to develop – don’t rush it.

Now, if you don't already own a building site, at some point you will need to find one. Hopefully you have included some features about "where" you want to live on your wish list of "what" you want to build. You will want to make sure your design ideas blend with the area or neighborhood you have in mind. Also, check to see that your design falls within the price range of the existing neighborhood because this is something the bank may scrutinize. Thoroughly investigate the site itself. Is it construction ready, or will you be responsible for the installation of water, electric, gas, and septic or sewer? Make sure you do your homework before you purchase the property.

Finally, and really it's never too early, talk to contractors. Always ask for references, and follow up on them. Visit completed projects and speak with the owners. Ask questions about their satisfaction with the contractor's performance and fees charged. Once you've decided on a General Contractor, or a contractor for a particular portion of your project (i.e. a mason or roofer), be prepared to wait for his/her availability.

As you start to pull together your building site, finances and design ideas, you'll want to get in touch with us at Gardo Design Group. There is no fee for our initial meeting and it’s the best way for us to get to know each other. At this meeting we can discuss your budget, site and ideas as well as your lifestyle and family needs. We can then formulate ideas on how to approach your project. Would one of our pre-designed homes fit your needs? Perhaps a few changes to one of our existing home plans would fit perfectly your lifestyle and budget. Then again many of our clients feel the right approach is to start fresh and create a home plan that it uniquely theirs.

No matter how we start, we focus on your needs, your site and your budget to give you a home that is beautiful, comfortable and special; a place for you to create lasting memories for years to come.